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Available position: Manager

If you like to be around music and musical instruments, we have the perfect job for you.


You will be responsible for managing and running a retail music shop, which involves many different duties. You will oversee daily activities and operations in the store, responsible for banking and daily till reconciliations, putting together work schedules and holiday rota’s, assigning and delegating tasks to staff members.  Social media management and marketing / advertising and promotional campaigns.


You will be responsible for ordering and purchasing instruments, equipment, and supplies, ensuring that correct items are delivered, the correct items remain in stock in the store and working with distributors and Sales Reps.


Customer satisfaction on the forefront of their mind, doing all they can to keep customers happy while upholding the reputation of the store.


Maintaining records of all daily transactions because cash income must be reconciled with each day’s receipts. Dealing with monthly invoices and reconciling them for payment.


A musical background is preferable with an understanding of retail business management and being capable of playing or demonstrating most store instruments and being able  to explain the differences in quality and variations among instruments and assisting with any customer instrumental and music queries.


If you’re interested in applying for this position, or finding out more information, please get in touch with us.