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Second Hand Instruments

Alongside our range of brand new instruments we also keep a range of second hand instruments. These instruments are of all makes and qualities and come in a variety of conditions (often at a highly reasonable price). Whilst we endeavour to keep this page updated with our current stock of second hand instruments we would encourage prospective customers to call us or come into the shop and have a look as due to the nature of second hand instruments new things arrive all the time.

Henry Betts Antique Violin (Royal Exchange 1799)

  • Manufactured at Mittenwald Factory, Germany for Henry Betts. 
  • Recently reconditioned by Stradivari trained Luthier (peg rebushing, new ebony peg fittings, despiau superior bridge fitting, new ebony tailpiece and chinrest). 
  • This Violin has a beautiful tone and impressive volume, absolutely must be tried! 
  • Currently fitted with Dominant Strings. 
  • Comes with a hard case. 
  • Call for details


  • Handmade German Violin
  • Copy of an Antonio Stradivari Violin
  • Very Good Condition
  • Made Circa 1890
  • Fitted with Dominant Strings
  • Call for details


  • German Handmade Violin
  • Made By Neuner and Hornsteiner
  • Very good condition
  • Made in 1867
  • Call for Details


  • Pearl Flute PF521Cl
  • Silver plated
  • Offset G
  • Standard Pearl Quantz headjoint
  • Slight tarnishing but otherwise very good quality
  • Call for details


If you would like us to sell your instrument on your behalf please give us a ring and we’ll discuss the options with you.