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Bespoke Instruments

Enrico Savoncelli with his handmade guitars

If the range of instruments offered by us seems to be too tame or simply doesn’t appeal to you then look no further. Working in partnership with our in-house luthier Enrico Savoncelli we can now offer bespoke, hand made instruments built to a custom design by Enrico himself.

savoncelli acoustic guitar

Enrico, who also conducts all the repairs that we offer, has built many guitars by hand at his home in Verona, Italy. Whilst his passion is for guitars, Enrico can create a wide range of instruments including steel string acoustic, classical, electric, resonator and lap steel guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, mandolins and baroque guitars.

With such a large range available we hope that there is something available for all, from those who want something weird and wonderful to those who simply desire a beautiful, handcrafted instrument.

The one thing that all of Enrico’s instruments have in common is that they are all truly unique.

Because every instrument is custom made and handcrafted no single one is the same as another. As a result we have no set pricing structure available. If you are interested in finding out more about the custom instruments that we offer then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our contact details can be found via the find us page, alternatively you can email us direct from the contact page. Once you’ve made contact we will arrange an appointment for you to come and visit Enrico and discuss what you want. At that point we can then fix a quote and proceed with creating you a bespoke, hand crafted instrument.

the building process
savoncelli parlour guitar
savoncelli guitars
Savoncelli Acoustic Guitars
Savoncelli acoustic guitar facing right