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Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Our acoustic guitar range contains a range of instruments to suit any budget and skill level. We currently stock three main brands of acoustic guitar in our Muswell Hill shop. Every acoustic guitar that we stock has been chosen by us based upon the quality of the instrument at its price point. So whether you’re just starting out, getting back into it or you’re looking to upgrade from your first guitar, we’ll have an instrument to suit your needs and budget.

Below you’ll find more information on each of the brands and acoustic guitars that we stock. Of course the most important thing is to get your hands on the instruments in order to see what works for you. Most of the acoustic guitars on this page are regularly in stock at our London shop (Muswell Hill, N10). Visit us to take a closer look at the guitars, try them out for size and hear how good they sound! We also have a vast range of guitar accessories available, including; cases, straps, capos, stands, strings, tuners, plectrums and much more.

NB: Please note that not all guitars are always in stock. If you would like to try a specific guitar then please contact us in advance to ensure you are not disappointed. 

Our Acoustic Guitar Brands

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Faith guitars were started in 2002 and are handmade by a small team of guitar experts. The head of this team is British luthier Patrick James Eggle, who is world renowned for his skill in guitar making and guitar design. As a Faith dealer we hold a range of faith guitars of different woods and finishes to appeal to every player. Whilst they come at a higher price tag the improved sound quality of the handmade guitar is to die for. Faith is a truly integral part of the arsenal of any serious guitarist, be it blues, jazz, folk, rock or pop.


Crafter Guitars are a store favourite here at Les Aldrich Music, we love their playability and ability to adapt to multiple styles of music. Crafter Guitars are comfortable to play and well made. We keep a range of Acoustic and Electro Acoustic Crafter Guitars.

Crafter have an extensive range of Guitars primarily built in either China or South Korea.


Yamaha are renowned for their reliable craftsmanship which results in superior sound quality and outstanding playability. These guitars are suitable for any student, from beginners to advanced.

We are fully fledged Yamaha Guitar Dealer and have access to the full range of Yamaha Guitars, Bass Guitars and other instruments.

Faith Venus Hi Gloss Electro Cutaway
Crafter HTC-24EQ Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha Acoustic Guitar

Faith Electro Acoustic

Crafter Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Acoustic Guitar